Now >> Register your team for The Hunt on June 21 at! The event, which is free and open to the public, is our third annual Hunt experience and we think it will be our best yet. Teams can include between 2-5 people.

June 1, 2014  >> #Pothole is over. We have some great pictures from the contest. See them at

The Hunt returns

The Teams:

Mister-y Machine

helmet wearing window bangers

The Gilhooligans

The Renegades (2012 Winners)

The Misfits

No Name Returns

The Blackbeards

Scranton Stranglers

Return of The Steelers

Off In Scranton!

booze clues

Placing my Betts on the Joneses

We 4 Kings


Dylan’s Crew

The Time Lords

Scranton Sparkle

The Century Club

Moderately Fun Gang

Team Keystone

Midnight Madness (2013 Winners)

The Mighty Quinns

Scranvenger Hunters


The Scranton Super Sleuths

The Sherlock Homos

The Locomotives

Lyons Roar

The Fixxxxx

The Lucky 5

Obvi we’re the ladies

The Setty Burgers

The Scranton Chekhovs

Searching for Steamtown

Team Jakers

Scranton Lightfeet

Learn more about The Hunt herethe_hunt.html